Since 06/21 TEAM BLAU GROUP is the authorized partner of FZSoNick in Sri Lanka 


SMC Module

FZSONICK Sodium Metal Chloride (SMC) or Salt batteries are the latest generation of the secondary batteries developed specifically to the constraints of the energy storage applications. They use metal-based cathode and molten Sodium anode to provide exceptionally safe and reliable power that is enclosed in the industrial-grade steel case and equipped with integrated Battery Monitoring. Stable chemical reaction, zero maintenance and insensitivity to temperature and storage aging makes them one of the best choices for Telecom BTS and Core Sites, Energy Storage and Residential applications.

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As a certified FZSONICK partner it is our pleasure to introduce this battery to Sri Lanka.

Key Facts

  • Free of toxic material and 100% Recyclable
  • NO dangerous materials
  • NO risk of explosion even in presence of external fire
  • NO gassing or emission
  • NO valuable resalable materials
  • NO fire/water flood reaction
  • Constant performance at -40 °C to + 60°C
  • Cycling Capability > 4.500 cycles (80% DoD)
  • Integrated system (BMS) for monitoring, diagnostics and data logging
  • Up to 80% reduction in footprint and 3 times in weight than conventional batteries
  • Zero self-discharge when stored, at any state of charge
  • Status LED on front panel
  • Scalable module in parallel
  • No memory effect
  • Double stainless steel case

Applicable Standards:

  • EN 61000-6-2 / EN 61000-6-4
  • CE
  • UL9540A (Safety)
  • Design to comply with UL1973 ed.2
  • IEC62984 /IEC60529

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