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Stay in Battaramulla

Next few months …

Britta and Karl will work on site in Battaramulla. A stay of several months in Sri Lanka is planned. The flight leaves Munich on July 28th – in Sri Lanka we will stay for 10 days in a “Bubble Hotel” in quarantaine. Both are vaccinated but the procedure requires this.

Ministries, authorities and industry

As soon as the quarantine is over, we will move to our domicile in Battaramulla. We will continue the discussions started in the virtual AHK trip in person and push the topic of renewable energy.

Team Blau Gorups SMA inverters as well as FZSoNick batteries and soon panels with German origin are available to the country and our customers.

Team Blau Groups German team was able to add a supply engineer as a technically skilled sales person with decades of experience in the energy~ and air conditioning sector. He will initially support our solar~ and storage projects from Germany. In addition, chillers are among his topics.

“Waste to energy” with German technology is also brought by Team Blau Group. Here we are talking with a waste management company that would like to use this technoligy in the future.

Product lines for inverters

The next step is to hone the product lines for solar systems in terms of organization and sales. Home systems (domestic), commercial systems (rooftop, corporate supply, etc.) and industrial systems will be anchored in three marketing channels.


Together with our partners, we will make SMA as well as FZSoNick known to the population. Team Blau Group will go to the regions and give local presentations with information for the users. All companies interested in installation and assembly of solar systems are potential partners of Team Blau Group. We will offer trainings for them soon.


A broad-based initiative will focus on rooftop and corporate energy supply. We aim to help our customers with the migration from fossil to solar. That includes both auxiliary power supply and complete energy self-sufficiency.

In the projects, we will take a close look at the needs of the customers in each individual case:

  • rooftop with feed-in to the grid only
  • storage solutions with more possibilities
    • self-supply during the day
    • long term energy security 24/7 from a self-controlled source

Large Scale

Large solar plants will push the energy supply in the country towards “harvesting Sri Lanka’s resources” and gradually reduce the purchase of energy from abroad. The use of storage will be an indispensable part of the solution, ensuring grid stability and supply even at night.

Further sustainable German technology for the Sri Lankan market

  • Waste to Energy [already in portfolio]

  • Chillers with environmentally friendly refrigeration [already in portfolio]

  • Power to Gas [as soon as market-relevant results are achieved]

  • Redox flow [as soon as market-relevant results are achieved]

  • Other new methods and technologies [we are monitoring R&D and the market].