Home Solutions

We help ZERO your electricity bill and maybe enjoy a small income from the excess Solar power generated. 

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Business Solutions

We have innovative and novel solutions that can convert building spaces, car parks and other open areas generate power during the day that can be stored for reuse during the night time or during power outages.

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Large Scale Solutions

We are able to bring the technology, expertise and products that we need for sustainable large scale power generation to the grid. We have partners with the experience in making these solutions a realization in Germany and the other European countries.

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Some Renowned Brands We Have Partnered With

We have partnered with world-renown brands to provide you the latest technology

We Boost Our Clients’ Satisfactions by Showing Promising Results

We bring technology that will improve life. We introduce renewable and sustainable energy, advanced technology to enhance existing solar systems, innovative technology to stabilize the grid when receiving power from multiple sources.

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Latest News

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We guide projects of renewable energy, storage, grid stability, grid decentralization and other energy renewable sources.

“With years of experience in the industry, we have been transforming with the technology to be on top, so our clients get the best service they deserve.”

Karl Blau

Team Blau CVO

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