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Team BlauBox 10/21

… prepared for POC!

Storage is an essential key for the successful implementation of the energy transition to renewable energies. Team Blau GmbH, together with its partners in Europe, has developed a German product that is adaptable to customer needs, modular, scalable, clusterable to provide exactly the energy that is needed. The BlauBox, manufactured in Germany, uses components that have long proven their efficiency and quality. In order to meet the needs of a required solution in the best possible way, the components are optimally matched to each other.

Sustainability for the sake of future generations

The Team BlauBox is used for sustainable energy storage and can be powered by solar, wind or other renewable or conventionally generated energy. This energy can be used as soon as no renewable source is currently operating, for example when using solar energy during the night.

Salt-based energy storage

Sodium-nickel batteries belong to the group of thermal batteries. In 1984, a first multi-kWh prototype was successfully tested in an electric car. Today, however, this type is mainly used as stationary energy storage for the following applications:

  • Residential and commercial buildings: time-shifting use of locally generated renewable energy to maximize self-consumption of electricity, uninterruptible power supply, “power boost” to reduce electricity contract rates

  • Utility grids: peak shaving, time-shifted power supply from renewables, smart grid management support

  • Renewable energy parks: optimizing power supply by enabling time-shifted use of generated energy

  • Transmission grids: Grid frequency regulation, time-shifted provision of electricity

  • grid-connected and off-grid micro-grid applications

The use of salt-based energy sources brings a number of advantages:

  • Free of toxic material and 100% Recyclable

  • NO dangerous materials

  • NO risk of explosion even in presence of external fire

  • NO gassing or emission

  • NO valuable resalable materials

  • NO fire/water flood reaction

  • Constant performance at -40 °C to + 60°C

  • Cycling Capability > 4.500 cycles (80% DoD)

  • Integrated system (BMS) for monitoring, diagnostics and data logging

  • Up to 80% reduction in footprint and 3 times in weight than conventional Energy-Storage

  • Zero self-discharge when stored, at any state of charge

  • Scalable module in parallel

  • No memory effect

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Team Blau Group is celebrating 40 years of SMA! 10/21

We offer special promotion for the home inverters this month with 10 Years warranty included !