Second Kick Off day in Nugegoda Ceylon Office

Welcome for our guests

The second day off the kick-off took place in our new Sri Lanka office. We were delighted by the amount of participants and interest. We would like to thank our guest for many good discussions and are looking forward to going the next steps with them in our projects.

Numerous companies showed their interest in the technical information of the products. We will update the participants via email with more detailed specifications.

If you weren’t able to attend and are interested in our products, please request information via

Ceylon Office Kick Off Taj Samudra, Colombo

With a Kick Off Meeting in Taj Samudra, Colombo Karl Blau started on the 5th of November the Team Blau Ceylon Office.

Karl Blau spoke about the work Team Blau has done in the last 30 years, the portfolio of solar products we bring to Sri Lanka, introduced Team Blau in Germany and Sri Lanka. We heard about SMA Sunbelt, Greenrock, ADS-TEC and the service Team Blau will set up. Special guest per WebEx was Mr. Bastian Seidl who spoke about 45 minutes about SMA Sunbelt and the products. The present persons were very impressed by his deep knowledge and competence.

The Team Blau portfolio includes solar inverters and storage systems from single houses over SME demands up to industrial solar farms. Special products as charging stations for electric cars or batteries for transmitter towers. The European products will be made fit for the Sri Lankean market.

Special attention was given to the plan for the excellent service which will be implemented for the customers and partners. The present persons were deeply impressed of the products and confirmed the big chance given through the service commitment.

Participants together with Karl Blau, Britta Thiedmann, Sigi Schosser, York Philips, Salman Faruk, Mohamed Faruk and Alex Abeythunga.

Team Blau Ceylon Office Kick Off 5th of November

With the completion of their new office Team Blau has taken the first step in becoming the IT and photovoltaics hub in Sri Lanka. If you want to join the Team Blau Kick Off event you can send an email to

Actual Team Blau launches GREENROCK saltwater energy storage units. These batteries have three simple advantages

  • They do not burn
  • They do not leak toxic fluids
  • They do not explode

Furthermore these two important suppliers of solar products are part of Team Blau Group portfolio.

As a leading global specialist in photovoltaic system technology, SMA is setting the standards today for the decentralized, digital and renewable energy supply of tomorrow.

The StoraXe® Industrial & Infrastructure product portfolio addresses the area of larger systems and infrastructures. Powers and storage capacities cover ranges up to multiple MW/MWh.

Team Blau Sri Lanka Office
41 b Thalapathpitiya Rd
Embuldeniya, Nugegoda
Sri Lanka
+94 77 3070506

Karl Blau, CVO


At satuta our concern is happiness equally for our customers and suppliers. By selecting quality handcrafts and jewellery „with a story“ we want to take you to a little journey to different cultures and lifes.

We focus on sustainability and fair trade is not just words for us:
we only choose small exclusive handcraft enterprises and support these with our business. In the end it’s not just about a product but people networking and connecting cultures.

This satuta needs a little more time to grow … coming soon !

Team Blau SMA Sri Lanka Partner

At the intersolar in Munich, Germany Team Blau set the foundation for a faster supply of spare parts for SMA customers in Sri Lanka: We are now officially SMA partners for Sri Lanka.

The first step in this partnership is the construction of a warehouse facility in Nugegoda, Sri Lanka. By establishing this facility we expect to cut down the time that SMA customers have to wait for spare parts by a lot.
The work to build and equip the warehouse started this week. It will be finished soon.
Once the facility is stocked with inverters we will inform you right here.

Stay tuned for more updates.

Next CEOs Dinner in Colombo

Sigfried Schösser, Senior Consultant, Nugegoda
Again an AHK-CEOs meeting – at the board room of the AHK in Colombo. We got briefed by the German ambassador about the actual security situation.

According to our ambassador the special security forces having done a good job. They found several homes of islamic extremists and arrested meanwhile roundabout 170 suspects. Now the forces have used the informations they got already before the attacks. And they will be on high alert from now on.

The German ambassador said, that there are no substantial informations from any source about further attacks planned by the extremists. It is the obilgation of our embassy to warn not to travel to Sri Lanka unless it is really necessary.

But :
I am out every day. I can say the situation came back to normal. It is now like everywhere. An attack can happen in Europe, USA or in Sri Lanka. The difference to earlier is that one gets checked closely the moment you want to enter a building. That is required now.

My impression is that it is no problem at all to visit Sri Lanka after they arrested quite a number of potential terrorists.