Ceylon Office Kick Off Taj Samudra, Colombo

With a Kick Off Meeting in Taj Samudra, Colombo Karl Blau started on the 5th of November the Team Blau Ceylon Office.

Karl Blau spoke about the work Team Blau has done in the last 30 years, the portfolio of solar products we bring to Sri Lanka, introduced Team Blau in Germany and Sri Lanka. We heard about SMA Sunbelt, Greenrock, ADS-TEC and the service Team Blau will set up. Special guest per WebEx was Mr. Bastian Seidl who spoke about 45 minutes about SMA Sunbelt and the products. The present persons were very impressed by his deep knowledge and competence.

The Team Blau portfolio includes solar inverters and storage systems from single houses over SME demands up to industrial solar farms. Special products as charging stations for electric cars or batteries for transmitter towers. The European products will be made fit for the Sri Lankean market.

Special attention was given to the plan for the excellent service which will be implemented for the customers and partners. The present persons were deeply impressed of the products and confirmed the big chance given through the service commitment.

Participants together with Karl Blau, Britta Thiedmann, Sigi Schosser, York Philips, Salman Faruk, Mohamed Faruk and Alex Abeythunga.

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