Next CEOs Dinner in Colombo

Sigfried Schosser, Senior Consultant, Nugegoda
Again an AHK-CEOs meeting – at the board room of the AHK in Colombo. We got briefed by the German ambassador about the actual security situation.

According to our ambassador the special security forces having done a good job. They found several homes of islamic extremists and arrested meanwhile roundabout 170 suspects. Now the forces have used the informations they got already before the attacks. And they will be on high alert from now on.

The German ambassador said, that there are no substantial informations from any source about further attacks planned by the extremists. It is the obilgation of our embassy to warn not to travel to Sri Lanka unless it is really necessary.

But :
I am out every day. I can say the situation came back to normal. It is now like everywhere. An attack can happen in Europe, USA or in Sri Lanka. The difference to earlier is that one gets checked closely the moment you want to enter a building. That is required now.

My impression is that it is no problem at all to visit Sri Lanka after they arrested quite a number of potential terrorists.

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